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Let me start off by saying that this is a marvelous piece of work. It stands out as one of the most well crafted animations that I have...

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A Weekend Alone 10 - Available now!
No Christmas is complete without some tiny people enduring peril in the Leheron house! So, because of that, we have to decided to release A Weekend Alone 10 as a special, surprise Christmas release! Tis the season, after all!…
Unaware...again - A Weekend Alone 10
Having lost track of her boyfriend a few issues back, Sarah has become completely unaware of his location.

He's closer than she realizes...

A Weekend Alone 10 will be released December 25th!…
Wrong place, right time - A Weekend Alone 10
When you're incredibly tiny, a giant woman's body can be a very dangerous place. Particularly true if that giant woman is Valerie Bradson, whose ample posterior has caused a great deal of suffering to the unfortunate people of the neighborhood.

As always, A Weekend Alone is written by me and drawn by Jieun Studios. It is still in production and its release date will be announced.

It will be released on Giantess Fan comics.     
Mandy, I Shrunk Myself! - Available now!
This is a totally on time announcement that "Mandy, I Shrunk Myself", part 2 has been released!

Will our tiny heroes manage to get the attention of the cute, but slovenly, Mandy? Or will they remain lost forever in the field of garbage and bras that is her bedroom? Time will tell.

This comic was written by me and drawn by Dai of SednaStudios.…
Dear Diary... - Diary of a Giant Girlfriend
Ever wonder what life would be like for a giant girl? Well, now you can find out!

Peek into the life of a Giant Girlfriend, through the pages of her diary.

This comic was written by me (KevinFred) and drawn by Michela Dasacco and colored by Koshiatar.…
Hey there everybody,

I've been wanting to do something on this DeviantArt page that was a little more involving than simply posting updates on comics, the occasional poll, and even less occasional status update. I wanted to make something like a game (may not be the best term for what I have in mind, but bear with me), something fun to do on here. And I think I finally got an idea. While I was going through some old files on my computer, I happened upon an old script for a Giantess Fan comic that I never finished. It was titled, "Oblivious", and (get ready for a shocker) it was an unaware themed comic. It was going to be one of my more "Less Than Serious" works: the premise followed a blonde freelance reporter named "Lorraine Delaine" who has a curse that causes her to grow in size randomly for a brief period of time. However, each time the curse takes affect, it is marked by a sudden onset of drowsiness, always causing Lorraine to yawn very deeply when it happens. This causes her to not really notice that she's growing and the sort of joke of the comic is that each time she grows it's in a situation that allows her to completely misinterpret what's actually happening. For example, the first issue was to follow Lorraine doing a story on a art show, where one of the attendants submitted a large model city. You can probably guess what happened next.

I never went anywhere with the idea on Giantess Fan because I felt it was too light hearted and that it didn't really have a point. Plus, it was challenging to come up with different scenarios of Lorraine growing and then misinterpreting them. At the time, I actually considered asking people if they'd help me. And, well, that's basically the point of the game I'm proposing now.

Throughout the month of February, I want you guys to submit ideas for a scenario for our oblivious reporter to grow in size. It can either be publicly in the comments or in Notes. At the end of the month, I'll put some into a poll and you guys can then vote on which scenario sounds best to you. Then, next month, I'll write a four part series of that scenario each Friday. During that, you guys can then submit new ideas for the next month's scenario.

Here's some rules:
1. No Nudity - I'm sorry but nudity is usually a turn off for me (I know, point and laugh if you must). But, in addition, if Lorraine's clothes ripped as she grew that would make it hard for her to remain properly oblivious.

2. Remember's Lorraine's position - Lorraine is a reporter, so any scenario needs to have her working on some kind of news story. The news story then in some way has to contribute to Lorraine's misunderstanding when she grows.

3. Be brief - You don't have to go crazy when submitting a scenario. It doesn't have to be an essay. Just try to clearly say what the scenario is. For example, using the scenario I gave earlier: "Lorraine is doing a report on an art show and one of the attendants has made a model city". That's very concise and it's all I need to make a story. If you feel you need to include more details, then by all means do so, but just don't go overboard.

4. Please only scenario per user - Please don't spam. Very carefully consider what you submit. If you come up with something better, edit your original post.

5. No planetary sized growing - I think that one's pretty self explanatory.

6. No scenarios involving scat, piss, or any of that stuff.

Now, some of you might be thinking, "What does Lorraine look like?". Well, actually, most of you already know. You may remember a post in which I introduced a woman named Lorraine for an upcoming comic series "From The Stars". When I abandoned "Oblivious", I used the Lorraine character for "From the Stars" (which was originally written almost three years ago). The Lorraine in "From the Stars" is not a reporter, but she shares the same basic appearance. Here's a link in case you forgot what she looks like. The only real difference is that Lorraine Delaine from "Oblivious" wore white pants instead of a dress, much like this.

I know this might seem like a very cheesy idea, but I was hoping to get more involved with the viewers of this page. That, and I have written a giantess story that wasn't a comic for quite some time. It would be fun!

I hope to hear some responses! :)




United States


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